My Onstage Swaps

A highly anticipated activity when demonstrators gather is swapping. I knew my time leading up to Onstage convention was tight so I did not sign up for any swaps.

A day before departure, I realized I had some Card Buffet kits that just needed assembly. I brought 7 cards to swap and came back with 5. That math is a little off but I gave 2 of them to worthy demonstrators. Maybe they will snail mail me a card instead? I can only hope for happy mail:)

Here is the card I created…



I used sponge daubers for quick and easy coloring. Plus, the puppy needs to look fluffy so sponging was the best coloring option for this outcome. The stamp set Bella and Friends is being retired at the end of May. So order yours today from me!


These are the swaps I received in exchange from fellow demonstrators…


Is convention starting to look like a fun day? It is. I would love to have you join me in November. First step is to become a demonstrator on my team. Click the Contact button above to get started!

Scroll to my previous blog posts to catch the rest of the Onstage convention story!

Super Awesome Stamper Shirley



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