Much Luck and Good Fortune Crane from Global SU Share Fair

My presentation is over in the Facebook group. So I thought I would share the demonstration video on Youtube so my followers not on Facebook can enjoy the presentation.

Here is my sample card.

and here is my demonstration video…it’s a Facebook Live video so just enjoy my chatter:) Subscribe and hit the notification bell so you are informed when I load new videos to my channel.

Global SU Share Fair is a group of demonstrators across the globe, gathering in a private Facebook group to share product demonstrations with our customers and downline team. Sorry, only our customers and downline teams are allowed in the group.

If you are not a customer of mine, place an order for Kits in the Mail. You can also place a new product order through my online store by clicking here. The link includes the host code AQ6HPPU4 which is used for orders under $150. If your order is over $150(excluding shipping and tax), remove the host code but remain shopping with me. In either case, I’ll email you a pdf idea file tutorial as a thank you for ordering with me gift AND extend an invitation to join the Global Share Fair group.

Click the photo below to zoom to my online and be linked to host code AQ6HPPU4.

If you would like to join my Super Awesome Stamper team, click this link for more details and to sign up to be on my team.

Catch you in the group!

Super Awesome Stamper Shirley

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