You’ve Got Mail!

I love stuffing my mailbox with envelopes knowing they are going to cross the country and globe and land in my favorite persons’ mailboxes. Leave a guess as to how many envelopes I can fit in my mailbox in the comments section.

I’ll share how many went out in this mailing in a few days so people have a chance to leave some guesses. I’ll mail a greeting card to the person that guesses correctly or is the closest to the number. Good Luck Friends!

Super Awesome Stamper Shirley

4 thoughts on “You’ve Got Mail!

  1. Dixie says:

    300 envelopes if standard mail box and standard thickness of envelopes/cards. If embellished then I would say 250.
    Hopefully your mail person is friendlier than mine. When I leave more than a handful in my box she has a fit and I can hear her cussing as she takes them out.

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    • superawesomestamper says:

      LOL, I try to stick with only mailing a bunch that can be grabbed with one hand for a day. Some days, though, I just want them to get on their way. It’s those days that I put a little bit of chocolate in the front of the stack:)


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