Mini Paper Pumpkin Box with Oval Occasions bundle

We have a bonus, Global SU Share Fair Event this Friday, February 12th. If you are working all day, you can watch all the sessions on replay and pick up the Friday evening sessions while they are live. You might even catch a session or 2 on your break since demonstrations are 10 minutes.

Projects will feature our fabulous products adorning our ready to decorate gift packaging options. You can easily use the ideas to create greeting cards too. It’s called CASEing, copy and share everything, which just means that inspire can be found in each project and applied to the products you have in your stamp space.

I have already presented my project. Here is a link to my Facebook Live video which has been uploaded to my Youtube channel.

The only way to see the other demonstrations is to join the group. Click the Contact button and ask to be added to this Facebook group. Only customers of mine are allowed in the group. So place an order to become a customer of mine by clicking the Shop Now buttons on my blog and place a product order! Thanks!

Super Awesome Shirley

P.S. Here is a photo tutorial of the online shopping experience to help you place your order. Thanks!

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