These Videos are Buzzing!

The jars of honey I extracted and bottled last week are waiting for potential customers to claim them. I still have some stickiness to clean. The bees will help me with that as they will take all the leftover drops and add them to their winter nest. I made a post about it here:

I also mentioned that videos were in editing so you can see the process. First up are 2 videos showing pulling the honey frames from each colony.

Of course I have a purple colored hive box!

After pulling the frames, all the equipment took a drive down the interstate so I could perform the extraction and bottling.

Next it was bottling day. Yes, this is a process and takes time.

Last, the liquid gold is ready to sweeten teacups and charcuterie boards in a kitchen near you. Makes nice gifts too. Just ask for a jar as sales will help me to cover equipment costs.

Click the contact button if you are in the Madison area and would like to set an appointment time, 8am-6pm, for a porch pick up from my house. Durand area deliveries available starting Friday, October 21st. Delivery area is in Wisconsin.

A half pint glass jar holds 9 ounces and is $9. A pint sized glass jar holds 22 ounces and is $22. A quart sized glass jar holds 44 ounces and is $44. If the quarts are gone, 2 pint jars hold the same volume as the quart jar. Cash only at delivery. Thank you for your support!

Super Bee Shirley and BBS Bees

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