A Sweet Little Post…It’s About Honey…

My honey bees are dwindling in numbers as the fall comes to a close and winter starts. They experienced snow overnight, lucky them! Drones are gone for sure now as they don’t get to overwinter, bless their hearts.

This also means I pulled honey frames and extracted the golden goodness. While the extractor has been cleaned and stored, there is still a partial mess to clean up in the kitchen. Lots of hot water to remove the stickiness before utensils are placed back in storage.

This is the reward for the bees buzzing around the countryside in their treatment free digs. Yes, that is a thing as many beekeepers use chemicals in their hives to circumvent nature. Not me as the minute I have to strap on a full face respirator to apply chemicals is the day I won’t beekeep. But I digress.

The work I do during the “green” seasons is inspecting the hives in a full body, hot bee suit to ensure the bees have enough frames to work on or to spot any patterns like if they are thinking about swarming. There is the task of keeping the smoker going during inspections in case the girls get a little testy with my intrusions.

Now to harvest the honey you see below, I suffered three bee stings on my hands. I wear thick gloves which stopped the stinger but I could still feel the zing. This is the photo where the price tags are being matched to the jar size as honey is sold by weight.

Close up glamour shot after being tagged…I am using that fabulous patterned paper we had a few years ago. I have been hoarding all the other bee patterns too 🙂

Ready for sale! Makes an excellent addition to your holiday charcuterie board or everyday tea.

Porch picks up from my house are available until sold out. Click the contact button if you are in the Madison area and would like to set an appointment time, 8am-6pm. Durand area deliveries available as well. Delivery area is in Wisconsin.

Cash only accepted and it’s $1 per ounce. A half pint glass jar holds 9 ounces and is $9. A pint sized glass jar holds 22 ounces and is $22. A quart sized glass jar holds 44 ounces and is $44. Thank you for your support as this helps to pay for expenses.

I am working on editing the videos for this honey harvest. Stay tuned! I’ll post links to these videos on my Beelog with Super Bee Shirley and BBS Bees Youtube channel when the videos are ready. Until those videos are ready, here is a link to the September inspection, on the purple hive of course!

Thanks for making a purchase of our honey and sharing this information with your friends that would want to purchase too! Honey also makes a sweet gift!

Super Bee Shirley and BBS Bees

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