Global SU Share Fair Presentations on Replay

Yesterday and this morning was a Global SU Share Fair event which is presented through a private Facebook group. We had 15 demonstrators with 15 fabulous presentations. Would you like to join the group and watch the videos on replay? It’s members only!

If you are a member of my Super Awesome Stampers Team or a customer of mine, send me a message that you would like to join the group.

If you are already in the group, watched the demonstrations and are ready to order, click the image below or here to zoom to my online store and be rewarded as stated below. Offer ends on September 21st.

Last, if you are not in the group, you are in luck to see my demonstration since I uploaded it to my Youtube channel. It’s a funky and fun Halloween design!

Thanks for your support and loving Halloween as much as I do!

Super Spooky Stamper Shirley

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