Monday is the slowest night in the blogosphere…

So I thought I would post about my bees. That’s honey bees living in the great up north (semi) wilderness. I visit with them every few weeks and take lots of video footage. Back in my stamp space, I take the evenings to edit footage and post the videos to my BeeLog Youtube channel. (I work the stamp business during the week days and take the weekends off).

This is a sight and smell I’ll always enjoy…fresh comb building and a heavy, sweet scent of a thriving hive. The hive noise is something to enjoy too, a slow and steady hum of activity.

The trip this time was to move this swarm into a hive box.

Of course, I have video of the transfer in my Swarm Trap Youtube playlist.

Also checked up on the frog watering bowl.

The Om Bee One hive had thousands of bees at work during the latest inspection. See frames of capped honey in this video. Before the honey arrives on a dinner table in a mason jar, the frames will need to be removed the hive, cells uncapped and the entire frame then spun in a centrifuge. Lots of work ahead for me and the bees! The bees need to reduce the water content on the uncapped cells before they deem the liquid is honey and cap the cell. I need to rustle up the honey extraction equipment:)

Here is a look at a fraction of the worker bees chilling in the empty spot of the Om Bee One hive.

My Mom and I are having fun making signs which the bees blissfully ignore…

Hope you enjoy coming along with me on my bee keeping journey! Share this post and my Beelog Youtube channel with your friends!

Super Bee Shirley and BBS Bees

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