Sniblets CASE

5 10 20 1-001

My demonstrator friend from the United Kingdom saw a video where I showed my sniblets pile. You know the one: the basket, bucket or shelf that holds all the scraps from previous projects. She said she had a good project to share that would use my sniblet strips. My project in this post is a CASE of her sniblet project. I had to make it purple, of course!

Just layer some strips on a base. Then custom cut around the base to create a focal point background.

5 10 20 6-001

Supplies used in making this project…

5 10 20 2-001

I also shared a how to video in a Create Along with Me on Facebook. Here is a link to the video in case you are on Facebook. While you are there, turn on Notifications to my page so you get notified when I go live next. FB Live videos are available for replay too.

Have  a great day that includes purple, a gorgeous grape shade will do!

Super Awesome Stamper Shirley


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