Where in the World is the Holiday Catalog?

I received a call that volunteers were needed. In trade, we got free liquid nourishment of water, soda and beer during our shift. I also enjoyed having warm hands for 4 hours which was an unmentioned benefit! This was a record for me since my hands are usually icicles even in the heat of the summer.


Shakers contain salt and rice. The rice helps the salt flow freely in the Wisconsin humidity.

This is where I worked moving the corn from the belt to the tote table. We loaded the totes high as many amazed corn lovers watched us work. We had a crew of about 12 to make quick work. Theresa (not shown) was on my left and the mayor of Sun Prairie, Paul, was on my right.

After receiving a loaded tote, fest goers moved to the shucking table and then on to the butter stations along the wall. The salt shaker station is just beyond the exit sign.

This was as much corn as I could carry home! After cutting off the kernels, about 5 quarts went into the freezer that will make oh so good corn chowder this fall. Today, I mixed a portion with refried beans, onions from the garden, cheese from Eau Galle Cheese Factory and Penzey’s fajita seasoning to make a nice lunch!

Volunteers also received a t-shirt to identify us which is the photo on the right. So the Holiday catalog and I were at Corn Fest this past weekend. How many ears did I eat while there? I’ll never tell!  Haha, ok, I had 2.5 and they were oh so good!

See you next year at Corn Fest!


It’s a CASE!


My sister Tricia brought along a few projects to work on last weekend while the boys were at the Great Taste of the Midwest. She created this greeting card from CASEing Pinterest. CASEing stands for Copy And Share Everything.


Rose red cardstock mat and ink compliment the Pop of Pink washi tape.

I CASEd her CASE and quickly learned that the Balloon Bouquet punch would not work for a see through effect since the balloons face opposite ways. I added depth by adding emerald envy bubbles on the balloons instead.

8 17 2016 1-001

Watch my how to video for other assembly tips:

What would your CASE look like?

Thanks for stamping with me today!


Where in the World is the SU catalog?

Our fun started last summer with annual catalogs delivered to my sister and friends so they could browse while on their biker trip. The catalog delivery took place at Pinkie in Deforest, Wisconsin, USA. This photo was also chosen to be included in a video which was shown globally during our demonstrator #Onstage November 2015 convention! How fun is that!


Last Saturday, a newly delivered Holiday catalog was carried to the Great Taste of the Midwest by brother-in-laws Gary and Mike who is holding the catalog. Mike knows the drill since catalogs have made several trips with him since the Pinkie trip. Jim is in the lederhosen.


The idea is that the catalog is photographed in recognizable places. Since this is a beer tasting event, I think the recognizable places thing was forgotten. But these 2 people look pretty happy to be holding the Holiday catalog! Brother-in-law Mike can be seen in the sunglasses reflection. Neat effect!


The Great Taste is an annual event in Madison, Wisconsin, USA. Check it out here

Where in the World will the Stampin’ Up! catalog be next? Stay tuned!

Happy Stampin!



Fun Fridays featuring Fun Notecards!

The What a Gem Paper Pumpkin kit created treat boxes. I used the stamps and ink spots from the kit to create quick notecards.

8 5 2016 3-001

Watch the how to video here:

Interested to learn more about Paper Pumpkin?  Click this link for FAQ’s and sign ups.

Select me as your demonstrator and I will email you a pdf of alternate projects.

Thanks for joining me for quick and fun stamping today!



MIA at M and D’s

Hello Stampers! I was on an extended vacation at Mom and Dad’s. Time stands still there but also moves quick. Images are from my morning walk.



The gardens are minus a beet row. I brought them back with me and canned 14 pints with Mom’s help and Dad’s growing efforts! I was going to take a photo of the beet tails sticking out of the boiling water and invite anyone that could identify what they were to come on over and sample the pickled ones! But no photo was taken because my hands were covered in beet juices!


The cucumber patch…


Had these gourmet cukes!


On my way back into the house, Mr. Kitty had awakened…time for breakfast kibbles!


We did get stamping done during my visit. I created alternate Paper Pumpkin projects and videos so stay tuned for those.

Have a day filled with garden produce!