MIA at M and D’s

Hello Stampers! I was on an extended vacation at Mom and Dad’s. Time stands still there but also moves quick. Images are from my morning walk.



The gardens are minus a beet row. I brought them back with me and canned 14 pints with Mom’s help and Dad’s growing efforts! I was going to take a photo of the beet tails sticking out of the boiling water and invite anyone that could identify what they were to come on over and sample the pickled ones! But no photo was taken because my hands were covered in beet juices!


The cucumber patch…


Had these gourmet cukes!


On my way back into the house, Mr. Kitty had awakened…time for breakfast kibbles!


We did get stamping done during my visit. I created alternate Paper Pumpkin projects and videos so stay tuned for those.

Have a day filled with garden produce!


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