Where in the World is the Holiday Catalog?

I received a call that volunteers were needed. In trade, we got free liquid nourishment of water, soda and beer during our shift. I also enjoyed having warm hands for 4 hours which was an unmentioned benefit! This was a record for me since my hands are usually icicles even in the heat of the summer.


Shakers contain salt and rice. The rice helps the salt flow freely in the Wisconsin humidity.

This is where I worked moving the corn from the belt to the tote table. We loaded the totes high as many amazed corn lovers watched us work. We had a crew of about 12 to make quick work. Theresa (not shown) was on my left and the mayor of Sun Prairie, Paul, was on my right.

After receiving a loaded tote, fest goers moved to the shucking table and then on to the butter stations along the wall. The salt shaker station is just beyond the exit sign.

This was as much corn as I could carry home! After cutting off the kernels, about 5 quarts went into the freezer that will make oh so good corn chowder this fall. Today, I mixed a portion with refried beans, onions from the garden, cheese from Eau Galle Cheese Factory and Penzey’s fajita seasoning to make a nice lunch!

Volunteers also received a t-shirt to identify us which is the photo on the right. So the Holiday catalog and I were at Corn Fest this past weekend. How many ears did I eat while there? I’ll never tell!  Haha, ok, I had 2.5 and they were oh so good!

See you next year at Corn Fest!


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