Fun Fooodays

I am a foodie. I will take my time preparing dishes from the freshest ingredients (often from my gardens or canning jars), using Penzey’s spices and baking my own yeast breads too. A simple tray of nuts, dried figs and cheeses also makes it to my table several times a week.

While visiting my sister Julie, I attended her cooking class where we enjoyed a spinach and egg white roll:


mexican dip:


cherry oat choco bars:


Then later at her house, we had home brewed kombucha, home baked ciabatta along with foods gathered form various local shops after class:


Did you notice my sister Julie is a foodie too. She shares cooking demonstrations in the greater Milwaukee area through her website here. If you are in the area, check her classes out! She demonstrates at public and private events, maybe your next gathering could use a fun foodie demo!

Thanks for checking in for today’s Fun Foooday Post!

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