Gift from one business to another

Stampin’ Up! hosted a virtual cruise in May instead of hosting us on a boat or resort. It was my first cruise earned in my 18 years and counting career as an Independent Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator. So I was a tiny bit disappointed to not be able to experience it in person where I did not have to cook for a week;) Yes, you know I am foodie and make good meals and treats. But having to not cook for a week sounds amazing! Anyhoo…

We received a compensation payment along with a box of spa gifts including a spa robe, coffee mugs, candle, air pods and a product credit.

I have been mulling options for where to invest the payment and have opted to make a gift from my Stampin’ Up! business to my honey beekeeping business. This shiny metal cylinder was just picked up yesterday.

It’s a honey extractor which will allow me to bottle honey this year instead of selling cut comb. All that golden goodness in bottles is a pretty prospect! If you are local to me and want to reserve a bottle, click the contact button and let me know to place you on the list.

I had such fun gifting the crush and strained honey last year as shown in this photo.

Having an extractor will allow me to return the empty comb back to the bees so they don’t have to work so hard at making honey. This a full frame of capped honey which holds about 8 pounds of honey. The top wax “cap” is scrapped off. Then the frame is placed in the extractor and spun. Out flows the honey from bottom honey gate after it passes through a few screens.

My cruise payout is an investment that will help me grow my beekeeping and honey producing business at a faster and more productive rate. Here is a photo of the bees working the frames and building the precious comb that will eventually hold the nectar, bee babies, bee bread and honey.

If you are interested in seeing me work my horizontal hives and all the associated parts to growing an apiary, check out my Youtube channel, Beelog with Super Bee Shirley and BBS Bees through the video below. Gotta do something when I am not in the stamp room! Climbing into a hot bee suit is where it’s at! Thank you Stampin’ Up! for the generous payout!

Super Bee Shirley and BBS Bees

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