The Adventures of Shirley’s Spuds it’s hashbrowns today

I do love a good potato. Baked, fried, hash browned, pancaked, twice baked, curried, boiled, YUM! They all have a place on my plate because they can be crispy and soft, mild flavored or boldly spiced. Would you like to join me as I share my spud secrets? See my first recipe, potato pancakes, here.

It’s hashbrowns for breakfast today or any meal will do.


Peel and grate 1 russet potato per person.

Heat about 2 tablespoons per potato of frying liquid in an appropriately sized pan. One potato fits in an 8 inch skillet or 2 potatoes fit in a 10 inch skillet. I used Ghee today and olive oil works too.

The oil needs to sizzle before adding the grated potato. Add all the potatoes at once. Flatten to a patty shape to fill the pan to about 1/2 inch depth.

Fry 3-4 minutes per side. Flip when the edges are brown. Do a peek under to ensure the entire patty is brown before flipping. We want a nice, crispy patty!


I top with Penzey’s Seasoned Salt. And that’s the recipe! There are no leftovers because I make just what we can eat in one meal. Because, you know, the crispy patty turns to mushy patty in the frig.

Hope you enjoyed today’s installment of  The Adventures of Shirley’s Spuds!

Super Awesome Spud Maker Shirley


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