Ginger is my Friend

A few years ago, I rediscovered ginger. We went with friends to Takumi Japanese Restaurant on Madison’s east side where I delighted in the lettuce salad. It was crisp iceberg with a bright carrot ginger dressing. It was so refreshing that I researched how the dressing is prepared. My version is a mix of grated carrot, grated ginger, seasoned rice vinegar, garlic and sea salt. I’ll share the recipe the next time I make it. I usually just throw ingredients in the food processor without regard to measuring quantities since I know what taste I am going for.

Each time I go to the grocery store, I get a knob of ginger whether I am running low or not. So I am well stocked for Safer at Home. I use it for various drinks and dishes, having some slivers here, some grated there and drinking the juice too.

Today’s recipe shares how I use it to flavor my home brew kombucha. I squeeze it through the Pampered Chef garlic press to collect the juice. Then about 1 teaspoon of juice is added to a 16 ounce bottle of kombucha.

A very important step of juicing this way is to freeze the roots and then thaw the roots in the refrigerator prior to juicing. The freezing helps to break down the fibrous root just enough so it can be pressed. If you have an electric press that works better, please add a comment as to what brand you use. The garlic press is hard on my hands and does not get all the juice out.


Kombucha bottling process…After the ginger is squeezed it goes back in the freezer for other uses.


One use of the squeezed ginger is shaving slivers for lettuce salad dressing. I make my own dressing fresh for each bowl using these ingredients. Make sure to use frozen ginger pieces pieces that have thawed for a few seconds. It makes the slivering process so easy when the pieces are frozen. Add as much slivered ginger as you like. I usually use about half a piece that was squeezed per bowl.


My tuna quinoa bite recipe made enough leftovers for 3 salad bowls. Find the tuna quinoa bite recipe here.

Find the seasoned rice vinegar in your local Asian grocery store or larger food markets. #Penzey’s Spices might have a location near you. Click here to link to their online store and the garlic powder I use. Olive oil is from Aldi’s. Pink Himalayan salt is from Costco.

Ginger a great option to have in your farmacy. What ways do you like to enjoy ginger? Add a comment with your ginger uses!

Super Awesome Ginger Shirley

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  1. Diane Davis says:

    I simmer thinly sliced pieces of ginger with water and add a little honey for a nighttime drink to help with digestion and inflammation.

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