970 holiday cards is the official count

I thought it would be fun last year to keep count of the number of holiday cards that went through my hands and out to the world. I shared the result in this blog post here. The number from last year was 901 in case you skip the original post.

I remembered a little late in the season this year that I should have been keeping track of the number of kits prepared so I could compare it to last year’s number. So my best guess for the 2019 Christmas holiday gift card shuffle is 970! This includes kits I share at senior living communities, kits prepared for Card Buffet guests and cards I create and assemble on my own.

For the numbers people, this includes:

485 pieces of cardstock scored and cut in half for card bases

162 pieces of 8.5×11 inch whisper white cut into 6 pieces to line the inside of the card

36 pieces designer series paper for card fronts

bins of holiday themed punched images with dimensionals for adhering

25 packages of whisper white envelopes

3 packages of real red rhinestones

all the red ribbon I had for bows or embellishments!

I love to design and prepare kits to share with others so the holiday season is fun for me.

Here is a photo of my personal, last session before the cards went out the door. I try to match the card theme with the people getting the card. Hope you like the design I sent you!


Last, our Christmas Eve Scrabble board…Mom won of course. She works a strategy to use as many of the colored squares as possible. Always a fun game!


Hope you had a nice holiday! Catch you in 2019!

Super Awesome Stamper Shirley


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