Apron of Love

I was a hop stop earlier this week and shared this card. If you missed the hop, click here to zoom to my post to get on the hop.

4 2018icsbloghop2-001

I shared in the hop post that this card was inspired by my Grandma. We lived way up north in Dent, Minnesota when she would visit us for a month at a time. I recall that Grandma would take the Greyhound bus from her house in Illinois. Dad was always concerned if Grandma had to stand in the aisle instead of getting an actual seat. So I am sure we would get to the bus depot early so she could get on the bus first.

I was also inspired to make this card because I am in the kitchen a lot. I cook home made most of the time, have a vegetable garden, can peaches, beets, tomatoes, pickles, blueberries, apples, strawberries and sauerkraut too.

When we had our beagle Spencer, we would also bake him homemade treats. His tummy seemed to do better too if he did not eat the processed treats. It also gave us something to do with Spencer. He knew we were baking for him, must have been the meat juice (saved from crock pot cooking) and garlic smells.

I think Jim found this cookbook to help us with recipes when we first started baking biscuits for Spencer.

4 2018icsbloghop1-001

This page was bookmarked…I make notes with recipe changes, when I made it and other facts that might be fun to read later on.


Grandma’s cookbooks were dispersed and this is the one I received…I kept the paper towel that she used to mark a page. We make recipes out of this book, mostly floury things. The angel food cake is a favorite and is baked when I get extra eggs from my nephew.


What is your Apron of Love story? Share in the comments!

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