Strapping in Precious Cargo

I felt the need for some purple kombucha yesterday. Did not matter the flavor inside. I just knew that the juniper rose NessAlla kombucha has a purple label. So that is what I bought! I have not tried this flavor before since I opt for the ginger infused ones. I was pleasantly surprised with the flavor profile! Oh so good!


I strap all my precious cargo in. Here is Paper Pumpkin!


And the original precious cargo. I think about Spencer each time I strap something else in.


I must have looked into the crystal ball when I took the NessAlla photo yesterday with the idea to create a precious cargo post. NessAlla asked to see our booch today so here is mine!   #whosyourbooch #boochslayer #kombucha #nessalla #localbrand #nessallakombucha

Check back tomorrow to see where I delivered Paper Pumpkins too. The stack got strapped in too although I did not take a photo!

Now back to enjoying my refreshingly delicious booch!

Super Awesome Stamper Shirley


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