Mom and I are Hookers!

Rug Hookers that is! This allows us to have access to wools which can be used on other projects. A real maple leaf was used as a template to cut these wool pumpkin leaves. Mom traced around the leaf on paper, I cut it out and then used it to cut the wool leaves. Mom said this wool was from a coat collar.img_6112

Our first project we completed was a pair of wool pumpkins. This one is Mom’s.


This flower was the first kit Mom hooked. We decided the primitive style was not our favorite.


The project we are working on now which we started 3 years ago is this one. We are determined to finish it by Halloween 2016! I told Mom it is a race to see which one of us gets done first! The winner gets to pick our next project! Haha! Mom has already chosen another design from Wild Fiber Wools. Hopefully it won’t take us 3 years to complete!


I’ll post our finished rugs soon. I have the above the fence done and most of the details under the fence. Want to add Spencer peaking out from the pumpkins as he would do every year in our backyard. That’s going to be tough to hook but I want to include it. He also enjoyed a dollop of pumpkin in his breakfast bowl. Our supply of cooked pumpkin would last until the spring. I would enjoy the pumpkin seeds. Guess I’ll have to find some pumpkin soup recipes for the backyard pumpkins we have this year.

Check back for my Paper Pumpkin Post. Yes, Paper Pumpkin and not wool pumpkins. The test tube treat holders from the September kit are fun. I have some alternate projects to share.

Happy Stampin!




4 thoughts on “Mom and I are Hookers!

    • superawesomestamper says:

      Mom and I are pretty much self taught. The getaway owners in Portage are hookers so we would absorb all her samples while we visited. We did an all day workshop in Milwaukee a few years ago. Youtube is great too! Let me know if you want to stop to see the rug in person and we can discuss your next hobby!


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