Fun Fridays – Nice Socks

My bag full of novelty socks from my sister-in-law Mary certainly are fun! They can be worn with summer sandals for the greatest joy. So I decided to bring a pair a day while at my Weekend Getaway last weekend.

Friday’s Fun:


I thought the love socks were appropriate since this would be my first weekend away without having to worry about Spencer care. And I talked myself into those cats could look like a dog with perky ears.

Saturday I opted for the Halloween ones with the most graphics:


Sunday was Santa Day!


A group at this getaway has a story about Nice Socks which I remembered about half way through the weekend. No one told me I had Nice Socks though and the story did not come up in conversation. You will have to attend a getaway to get the story!

Interested in attending a Weekend Getaway? I have dates in August, September and October. Here is the link to the Cattail Retreat website. Dates, pricing and fine prints are listed there. Contact me for more details or leave a comment so we can connect.

Hope you enjoy my fun socks today. Have a good weekend!

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