Senior Living Stampers

For 1 hour a month, the senior living stampers and I create hand stamped greeting cards. I provide all the supplies. The facility provides the space and residents. I arrived a little early so I had time to set up before they arrived.

6 1 2016 3-001

And then I learned my session did not make the calendar! Never fear, activity staff quickly called the regulars and we had a full session in no time. These ladies are prepared to enjoy life and are ready to be sprung at a moment’s notice! Not me, it takes time to get me from jammy mode to street clothes.

I add senior living facilities as I find them and if what I offer is something that fits in their activity schedule. It is good for me to be around these people to see their resilience and support they provide each other. The stories they tell are a hoot! Maybe next time I’ll get photos of the stampers and their handy work too.

Thanks for stamping with me today!


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