Fun Fridays – Crazy Cat Edition!

I have a new experience for today to report. A purple cat and friends in Spencer’s house!

5 20 2016 2-001

I am sure he is going to haunt us tonight! Spencer’s only experiences with cats resulted in cat’s fleeing for the nearest hiding spot. They did not understand he just wanted to play. And he could not figure out why they looked like a funny looking dog. Hmmm…not sure if I have those memories scrapbooked but they are certainly lively ones that I remember without layouts to review.

Here are some of the friends that will be residing with Jim and me that will remind us of Mary.

5 20 2016 1-001

I like the flat cat…

5 20 2016 3-001

Finding these photo holders were an Oh Snap! moment. Card samples and instructions can be above the stamping area now thanks to Mary.

5 20 2016 4-001

We would rather have Mary and Spencer still in our lives rather than trinkets and memories to remind us of their presence. Circle of Life Lessons are just the hardest ones to learn. Trinkets and memories and a purple cat will help us get through to easier days.

Thanks for stamping with me today!


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