Find North in the Open Sea

My business takes me to the people to stamp. For one week out of the month, I visit senior living facilities and bring card making to them. Cards are simple enough for easy stamping and assembly but I work in little details to make the cards special.

This is one of the designs for the June sessions. They will have to address and get it in the mail quick! I will also bring Happy Birthday stamps to substitute Happy Father’s Day in case they do not have men in their lives that are fathers.

5 4 2016 2-001

Watch the how to Youtube video if you need tips on assembly:

It is appropriate that I designed this card when my internal compass is getting a little battered about. Our beagle Spencer has passed over to Rainbow Bridge. After 16 plus years, he has earned his trip to the 24 hour Biscuit Bakery in the sky! He had a very good life with us. Spencer’s happy nature greeted us whenever we entered his vision. He enjoyed our big doggy adventures with enthusiasm. I am so glad I have many scrapbooked memories of these adventures. It will help me get through this transition. A lot of kleenexes will help too.

Thanks for your support by reading to the end of this post. I will be weaving in my life with paper crafts on this blog. It will be mostly joyful fun but sometimes life is not fun. I also use my paper crafting as therapy to get me through the not so joyful times. And it keeps me out of the bars! Haha! (I don’t know how to insert emojis yet!)

Thanks for stamping with me today!

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