I’m a Hooker!

Ok, I know I have used that line before, but it is true! Mom and I started hooking about 3 years ago and finished our first Halloween themed rug this fall. Well, Mom did. As I was working on the last hooks on Christmas Eve, Dad noted I was on the wrong holiday. I have to bind the rug yet but need to find the right shade of black wool yarn first.

The next day, I received inspiration from a Christmas gift to Jim’s Mom from his sister Sue. Sue is a quilter. She used a design from Kimberbell designs. You are not tipsy, I must have moved as I was taking the photo so it is blurry.


I traced the squares onto copy paper the good ole fashioned way by putting the quilt on a window. Wrote down the widths and I have a pattern!

Transposing it all to burlap using a wide, black sharpie and Dad’s squares creates a canvas to hook on.


A mix of new and recycled wools will be cut into strips which are “hooked” in the burlap holes.


After a few days of hooking in between doing other things…


The loops up close. Yes, every one is hand hooked by me. A slow process for sure. Lots of time for paper crafting designs to swirl around in my head while I hook.


Mom decided to wool applique the same pattern but selected different wools. We hope to finish a block a month for our own Block of the Month Club. You can hear me laugh out loud (yes, I just typed it all out instead of using LOL), because our first rug took so long and this is pretty close to the same size.

I’ll share our progress and eventually the completed Halloween themed rug!

What other hobbies do you enjoy besides paper crafting?

Super Awesome Stamper Shirley