Annual Awards Recognition

It’s been a week since I attended our virtual convention called Onstage last weekend. Loved that I could attend without leaving my stamp space. The room and meals were stellar 😉 because I provided them. The maid needs to come more often though, lol!

Recognition is part of the event because the Stampin’ Up! fiscal year just ended. I am thrilled to announce that because of your support, I earned 4 badges! I stood and waved as my name scrolled by on the screen. It’s the first time I earned the Incentive Trip Achiever and Annual Sales badges during my 18 years and counting career with Stampin’ Up! Thank you so much for your support!

We are a month and a half into the new fiscal year. I am excited to see where my Stampin’ Up! journey takes me for the next 18 years. I’ll settle for shorter term goals and continuing to work to provide a virtual business to support my current customers, engage with their friends and find people that don’t know they are missing being creative in their life. Sounds like your Aunt Midge? Send her to me and I’ll find a way to unleash her creativity. I’ll be watching for any referrals you send my way via the Contact button on my blog, email directly to me or Facebook PM.

Happy Stampin’ this weekend!

Super Awesome Stamper Shirley