Please claim all your shopper rewards!

Good Morning, It appears the online store is letting customers check out without claiming all the rewards earned. Here are some screen shots to help you through the online ordering process. In addition, it’s always best to order on a computer with the largest screen possible so you can scroll up and down to see all the options.

Make sure my name is in the upper left corner so I get credit for your order and can reward you with any promotions I am personally offering. If my name does not appear, click on whatever name is there and go through the steps to find my name.

Next, I have added an item to my shopping cart as indicated by the pink circle with a 1 inside. Notice the gift box is gray which means no rewards have been earned. Look toward the bottom and click the plus sign next to host code.

Enter my current host code ONLY IF YOUR PRODUCT ORDER IS LESS THAN $150 EXCLUDING SHIPPING AND TAX. Remove the code if one is listed if your order will be more than $150 so that you can spend all the host rewards.

My current host code is 9PMQVYRN so I will enter that for now to show you what it looks like.

Click the pink Apply…you are now shopping and contributing to a specific online party. This helps me to earn host rewards which I can pass on to you.

For the purposes of this tutorial, I am going to remove the host code so that host reward claiming can be shown in the screen shots below.

Next, I am going to add more items to my shopping cart. The gift box is now pink indicating I have rewards to claim.

When you reach $150 in sales (excluding shipping and tax), the pink “Claim Rewards” banner will display. This means you have earned host rewards to spend. By clicking on Claim Rewards, you use your host rewards to pay for this item. So click on Claim Rewards. Continue selecting products to view and claiming them for host rewards until the pink Claim Rewards box disappears indicating all host dollars have been spent. DO NOT click on Add to Cart because this will add the items to your cart as products you will purchase with your credit card.

Click the shopping bag in the upper left corner and scroll down to see your chosen products being paid for through the host rewards (which is the pink Claim Rewards button). In my example, I have over claimed the value of rewards I have earned. That’s ok, I will just pay the difference due.

Next, click on the pink gift box and see this banner. If you have less than $150 in sales, then only the Sale-a-bration banner will display. Once you exceed $150 in sales and have not applied a host code, the Stampin’ Rewards banner will display. Clicking on Learn More gives more details about these programs. Close this banner.

Now, go to your shopping cart and see the “You have Sale-a-bration rewards to redeem!” and click on “choose your free product.” Make your selections.

Prior to claiming a Sale-a-bration (SAB) rewards, the shopping bags below the images are a dark black.

Claim all your rewards and the shopping bags turn to a light gray indicating you have claimed all your earned selections.

Now scroll up and click on Check Out and pay for your order.

Thank You for reviewing my online ordering tutorial! I hope it makes your next order easier. Please click the Contact button on my blog if you have questions about the ordering process. Just make sure you scroll up and down during ordering so you don’t miss claiming your Sale-a-bration and host rewards too!

Super Awesome Stamper Shirley

Bonus Days Starts Today!

Got your shopping list handy from the new 2020-2021 annual catalog? Bonus Days starts today! For every $50 you spend (before shipping and tax) earn a $5 Bonus Days coupon code that can be redeemed August 4-21, 2020.

Bonus Days earning period runs July 1st-August 3rd. So you have time to add to your shopping list:) There is no limit to the number of Bonus Days coupons you can earn. If you purchase now and then purchase later in the month, you will earn the $5 coupon for every $50 in product purchase.

Please use the host code below if your order is under $150. If it’s over $150, don’t use the host code so you can redeem all the host rewards for yourself.

Stamp and Scrapbook Expo Shoppers, use the host code below to redeem your Show Special. The Show Special, a free embellishment product share, is open to anyone using the host code below by July 6th.

Click to zoom to my online store!

Add the 2020-2021 annual catalog with item number 155244 to your order and a second product share will be included in your thank you card to cover the cost of the catalog.

Happy Shoppin’ and Stampin’!

Super Awesome Stamper Shirley