Lorie Line in concert

I have been a fan of Lorie Line since seeing her in the early days playing at the Cities department store. I have many of her CD’s but not sure where Threads of Love went. hmmm…it has been missing for several years. I have watched her concert schedule over the years but it was never a good time to attend.

She was going to be somewhat close by so I watched the weather and that open front row seat. When the weather looked clear, I thought when was I going to have the chance to be front row again? So, I took the opportunity to attend. Lorie’s first costume was elegant eggplant velvet so I knew I was in for a great show. I love the color purple!

I added the concert CD to my stash at intermission. I was pleasantly surprised that it was placed in a dark purple organza bag. Such fortunes to be surrounded by purples!


Thanks for a wonderful evening #LorieLine and company!

Oh yes, I did sent her a thank you card. It was this one because I felt the reindeer conveyed all the effort put into preparing and performing this concert. I’ll color coordinate a (purple if that is the concert theme) thank you card for the next concert I attend.

12 9 2017reindeer2-001

Thanks for stopping by!

Super Awesome Stamper Shirley

Merry in the Mailbox

I visited the post office right after 9am on Monday to send my cards on their journey to make merry at your house. As I approached the delivery area with the self service doors and slots, someone was trying to gauge whether she should drop in her priority boxes. One door was stuck shut and the other door was able to make clearance but was questionable.

She walked away and then came back pretty quick so I let her drop her boxes in. But Wait! She could only get one box to drop and then the door was stuck shut on that drop box too. I guess the person emptying the bins had not clocked in yet. She proceeded to drop the other boxes into the super huge door even though instructions were for dropping in only certain parcels. And my single cards were not on that list!

So I stuffed my cards in 4 at a time through the card slots and could see I was quickly filling that bin too. I am sure there were lots of other postal patrons there at the crack of lobby opening that dropped their greetings in too.

This was my transport tub. No time to find a festive Longaberger basket. I could have at least stuck some curling ribbon on the side:)


This was the last step of the assembly line this weekend, sealing the flaps while listening to my new #LorieLine King of Kings album. My favorite track is “Daughter of a King” which is a Lorie original that I enjoyed at her concert in Oconomoc a few weeks ago.


Enjoy your merry in your mailbox from me!

Super Awesome Stamper Shirley