Fun Fridays are Buzzing!

I am excited to announce that I enrolled in the Farley Center Beekeeper Incubator Program!


Did having a new line of bee paper crafting accessories sway my decision? I’ll admit a tiny bit of swaying was involved.

beekeepers1201-001I had been thinking about learning this craft for awhile. Hives use to be installed close to where my parents live for many years. We do not know who kept the hives but they have since disappeared. So it’s time to give the bees a new home in the area and offer the plants a boost from these little friends.

I always have a jar (and sometimes more that a jar, a honey stash is always approved;) of local honey on my shelf from my favorite apple orchard, Lapacek’s. It’s a nice drive in the country to the orchard. The reward is a variety of local yummies grown on their farm. They have goats and kitties to visit too.

I pick up jars of honey from local festivals too. My latest snatch is a jar from the last 2019 gathering at the Farley Center. It’s oh so good in winter hot teas and fruit smoothies! A tiny bit for quick energy is a good snack too.

Oh yes, I’ll be sharing bee themed paper crafts too. The Honey Bee stamp set and Detailed Bees dies are available for purchase through May. But the Golden Honey Specialty designer series paper is only available free with purchase through March. I have it all and a nice stash of the paper too. See a fancy folded card using these products in this blog post.

I’ll be blogging about my new beekeeping experiences so check back throughout the year for the latest adventure. Hope you enjoy my beekeeping adventure posts!

Super Awesome Beekeeper Shirley

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