Where in the World is the SU catalog?

I am going to let the pictures do the talking since I am tired from a day of advocacy for the Wisconsin Breast Cancer Coalition. Photos have already been shared on Facebook so this might be an easy one for those that already follow me on Facebook.

Dana and I had just finished our first meeting. As we rounded the corner, I spied the badger. I told Dana about my Where in the World posts. She was happy to participate and I was happy for a model to hold the catalog!

More hints where I was today. Bonus Points if you can name what job the people we were visiting have and what their names are!


Sandra Gines and Hayley Young from WBCC did a great job preparing and ensuring the day went smoothly. Thank you for that!

While waiting for my ride this morning, I remembered that a hand stamped thank you card might be a welcome piece of snail mail for the people we talked with today. I had a few notecards already stamped on hand so I grabbed those quick. Snail mail boxes will be a little more fun for a few people thanks to my ready made stash and quick thinking.

Add a comment with your guesses for another round of Where in the World is the SU catalog!

Super Awesome Stamper Shirley

P.S. Click here to learn more about the Wisconsin Breast Cancer Coalition. WBCC’s mission is to bring Wisconsin voices together to Stand Up and Speak Out about breast cancer through Legislation, Education, and Collaboration.

Where in the World is the SU Catalog?

Another installment, play along if you can by adding your guesses! I asked the counter lady if she wanted to be in the photo and she said no. So I just got a shot of the glorious cheese case. There is another case too that is filled with curds and more cheese!


The cheese loot I purchased will be made into lasagna and enchiladas. The Rembrandt gouda will be a delicious snack with dates, nuts and kombucha!

Add a comment with your guess about Where in the World is the Stampin’ Up! catalog? I’ll post photos of the cheese as we cook with it for cheesy inspiration.


Super Awesome Stamper Shirley

Over the river and through the woods, to the cheese factory we go…

Over the river and through the woods to 2 Grandmother’s houses we go…and along the way, we make stops. Not for hot chocolate but for cheese! I noted this shop on my route to the festivities and stopped on the way back.

Where in the World are we? They had large viewing windows sharing the planks of cheese wheels which would have been a perfect photo op. But I did not bring my catalog inside with me. The parking lot was ice sheets so I opted for this photo from my car instead on my way out.


I purchased the black mustard, mustard melange and honey clover cheeses which will be oh so good on grilled cheeses!

Comment below if you know what town I was in and what your favorite variety of cheese from this shop is!

Where in the World is the SU catalog?

Our fun started last summer with annual catalogs delivered to my sister and friends so they could browse while on their biker trip. The catalog delivery took place at Pinkie in Deforest, Wisconsin, USA. This photo was also chosen to be included in a video which was shown globally during our demonstrator #Onstage November 2015 convention! How fun is that!


Last Saturday, a newly delivered Holiday catalog was carried to the Great Taste of the Midwest by brother-in-laws Gary and Mike who is holding the catalog. Mike knows the drill since catalogs have made several trips with him since the Pinkie trip. Jim is in the lederhosen.


The idea is that the catalog is photographed in recognizable places. Since this is a beer tasting event, I think the recognizable places thing was forgotten. But these 2 people look pretty happy to be holding the Holiday catalog! Brother-in-law Mike can be seen in the sunglasses reflection. Neat effect!


The Great Taste is an annual event in Madison, Wisconsin, USA. Check it out here

Where in the World will the Stampin’ Up! catalog be next? Stay tuned!

Happy Stampin!