On Our Way to Celebrate

We are on our way to celebrate at my cousin’s bridal shower. My sister snagged the doggy gifts on their registry so Mom thought a doggy card was appropriate. I just happen to have a swap card similar to this one in my card tree so Mom copied that design to come up with this one.


While still in Milwaukee, this car was also getting gas. I told Mom she had 30 seconds for a photo op so out she hopped. Mom got the story and his business card and the photo op all in the 30 seconds, ok, maybe 2 minutes. His story is that he thought we all need encouragement and this is how he is sharing his encouragement energy.


And then off we went to the bridal shower!

Super Awesome Stamper Shirley

The cat, the cukes and the chickens

It’s a lock-in at my Mom and Dad’s house while I cat sit Mr. Kitty, can the cukes and make chicken broth. Here is Mr. Kitty ready to pounce on my lap. He seems to decide to lap sit just when I get my rug hooking started.


We are surrounded by the trees, bees and a burnt orange butterfly that visited while I was plucking the cucumbers yesterday. Bunnies hop away quick since they are not use to seeing someone in their yard so early in the morning.

Cukes needs to be scrubbed and graded before they can be processed. Add a little pepper, garlic, bay leaf, dill seed to the jar for a zippy flavor. The brine is flavored with Penzey’s Pickling Spice which smells oh so good to me. I decided that the clove scent is what I like most about this mix.

I have not gotten the opportunity to water bath process cukes since my garden only produces enough for fresh eating or refrigerator pickles. Since this canner holds 8 jars, I thought I would process a pint and open it right away to evaluate flavor and crunch versus refrigerating only.

I follow the kosher dill pickle recipe from the Ball Blue Book of Canning that my sister-in-law Mary gave to me as a gift. I make notes so that I can replicate the recipe in following years.


I almost forgot about the chickens part of this post since I could gush about my pickles at length. Just know that if I share a pickle with you, you are a chosen one. haha! Seriously, I will be pacing opening the jars throughout the winter. Right now, I can enjoy a little more than a jar a month since I have 14 jars canned.

My nephew has egg laying chickens but they have reduced their output so off to the butcher some went. They made nourishing chicken stock when combined with surplus produce from my parents’ garden. I follow the Cancer Fighting Kitchen by Rebecca Katz recipe which includes 2 secret ingredients, leeks and allspice berries that elevate the flavor to the best stock ever! I’ll freeze these and use to make rice, quinoa, crock pot beans and hearty winter soup. Broth is also very good sipped on super cold days or when my fingers are freezing!


It’s a circle of life and we can’t all eat plants. Interestingly, I was reminded of that in the middle of the night. I heard screeching so paths were crossed in the forest. Nature circles are kept in balance so I take comfort in this philosophy. Now if nature would only take care of those asian beetles attacking my Linden and apple trees, I would be thankful for that too!

What does Mr. Kitty do while I am in the kitchen? A little napping, a little playing with a favorite toy from Aunt Cheryl, a little zoomies and then back to napping. Oh, and can I have some more crunchies please? My tummy is empty…all…the…time…

from Super Awesome Canner Shirley and Mr. Kitty


Where in the World is the Stampin’ Up! Holiday catalog?

I have visited this place before on my way to Wausau on Hwy 29. This time, I asked a cafe diner if she would hold the catalog in front of those glorious cheese wheels.


The cows are on site a few steps away from the cheese store and cafe. I think there is a walking tour that I will have to check out next time. They have a fun car to drive too!


This is the reason I stopped, mustard melange with a glass of kombucha, nuts and fresh cukes from the garden make a perfect snack or complete meal.

This the same view I snapped on my last visit shared is this blog post.IMG_7453

Need a Holiday catalog? It will be available online on September 1st but I have copies! Just ask and I’ll get one to you.

Thanks for stopping in today!

Super Awesome Stamper Shirley

Fall Fling Shoebox Swap and Business Talk

Have you ever wondered why I like stamping so much? Besides the colorful papers (cardstock and patterns in rich tones), cutting options (punches and framelits abound) and fun ribbons (textures that pop), it is being in the company of others that like stamping just as much as I do. Yes, a tribe and today’s tribe is a demonstrator gathering where you are invited as a guest to try out this tribe.

The big event for the day is the Shoebox Swap where you prepare card kits for everyone else to stamp and then everyone else does the same. Three hours of stampin’ bliss using current catalog products! Which means we get to try out items we may not have in our personal stash.

Next up is swapping projects assembled before the event so you can go home with even more samples. Better than Pinterest!

We need to stop to refuel at lunchtime. Then group make-n-takes bring us back to stamping. After that, we share business related ideas and let our hands rest. Last, we clean up and leave the room as we found it.


If this sounds likes a day you want to experience, please contact me to RSVP for a Super Awesome Day of Stamping with the paper crafting tribe!


Have a Super Awesome Day!



Spry Whimsy Fiber Arts outing

Wool in the summer? Yes, please if you are hooker! I have been steadily working on my snow peeps rug since I last blogged about it here. Each loop is hand pulled by me so when I have a chunk of time and my stamping to do list is manageable, I get to hookin’! Here is my progress since the last post:


and a close up of all those loops…one peeps had to have a purple hat of course!


But I set aside the snowpeeps and ventured to Spry Whimsy Fiber Arts in Stoughton to find binding yarn for the Halloween rug here…


My plan is to whip stitch the burlap edge to finish the rug. I hope to make progress this weekend while Mom can help me get started. I am determined to finish for the Halloween season this year, which I do believe may mark 5 years since I started this rug!

Ingrid from Spry Whimsy was gracious enough to show me around her shop and share what she and her husband, Peter, create there. Ingrid is a spinner transforming wool into yarns and teaching others how to spin. Peter is a felter creating usable and wearable art and shares in classes as well.

A few photos that I took…that’s Ingrid next to her Super Woman of Wool tshirt…


They host a fiber lovers circle on Wednesday evenings that she said I am welcome to join even though I would be the first hooker. Sounds like fun amongst other fiber lovers, let’s go! I look forward to learning more about the fibers at Spry Whimsy Fiber Arts and how I can incorporate them in my rugs.

Until the next hooking installment,

Super Awesome Hooker Shirley