Scrabble and Hot Cross Buns

We hosted an Easter afternoon with Jim’s family on Sunday. Preparations included rounding up all the special dinner and service ware. The next house will have a built in glassware wall, yes, I typed WALL. I like to make tablescapes just like my Mom does.

We have a several generations of glassware from both sides of the families. China from  my Grandma G, serving ware that has been passed down, glasses from a sister (and we used all of them!).


Bunny butt treat bags ensured candy got taken out of the house but just as much candy stayed with us. Cotton tails were on the backsides of the bags.


My first hot cross buns turned out delicious. I’ll be substituting rye flour in my next batch and taste testing with my Dad. He misses the raisin rye from the Dunnsville bakery. I think this is a similar recipe.

My nephew Travis shares his brown eggs for fresh from the farm goodness. His eggs are the extra large brown ones. I dyed the others from store bought white eggs (don’t tell Travis!) with either pickled beet juice or spinach and red onion skin dyed water. Pretty!


Nancy brought a festive dessert. Nice ending to a home baked meal.


Our first Scrabble board. Started with KEG and ended with UR both relating to the beverage industry.


After another Scrabble game, our afternoon was up. Jim and I tidied up while our guests drove back to their homes. Thanks for visiting!

Super Awesome Stamper Shirley

P.S. I did not take a photo of my plate with all the courses. We had honey glazed ham, green bean casserole, lettuce salad, twice baked potatoes, pickled beets, hot cross buns, regular buns and champagne. Yum!

April Card Buffet

It’s Card Buffet Week! I am here to help you create hand stamped greeting cards so you have a variety on hand when you need them or to give you ideas for using your own Super Awesome Stampin’ Up! supplies.

Here is what I have planned for the design line up. Yes, the bunny bag is an option!

4 17 2017 1cbuffet-001

Order as fox, umbrella, bunny bag.

4 17 2017 2cbuffet-001

Order as records, Happy Birthday, You are Totally Awesome.

4 17 2017 3cbuffet-001

Order as Happy Anniversary, Birthday Dinner, grapes.

Ready to create a few cards? Sessions are Thursday, April 20th, 9-11am, 1:30-3:30pm, Sunday, April 23rd, 1:30-3:30pm. Need an evening time? Just ask! I can pack up and bring a mini buffet to you and your friends too.

Please RSVP with designs picks by Wednesday, April 19th, 8am so I can have enough kits ready and a station reserved for you. RSVP with design picks by Tuesday, April 18th, noon and receive an extra card kit!

Create 10 cards with envelopes or 3-D’s for $20. I can provide adhesive for $3 or bring your own. Additional projects can be purchased for $1.50 per project.

Earn extra kits by placing an order during the event, being new to stamping with me, bringing friends with you that have not stamped with me before. Members of my Super Awesome Stampers Team also get an extra card kit and a bunny bag!

Thanks and hope to stamp with you this week!

Super Awesome Stamper Shirley

Where in the World is the SU Catalog?

Another installment, play along if you can by adding your guesses! I asked the counter lady if she wanted to be in the photo and she said no. So I just got a shot of the glorious cheese case. There is another case too that is filled with curds and more cheese!


The cheese loot I purchased will be made into lasagna and enchiladas. The Rembrandt gouda will be a delicious snack with dates, nuts and kombucha!

Add a comment with your guess about Where in the World is the Stampin’ Up! catalog? I’ll post photos of the cheese as we cook with it for cheesy inspiration.


Super Awesome Stamper Shirley